Mentoring in educational contexts


About this Course

Curso de Formação: 25 horas acreditadas
Destinatários: Professores dos grupos de recrutamento 220 e 330 *
Certificação: CCPFC/ACC-109017/20


Module 0: Introduction module
Module 1: What is mentoring?
Module 2: Mentoring in Education
Module 3: Making Mentors (I)
Module 4: Making Mentors (II)
Module 5: Developing Skills


  • Identify different ideas of mentoring programmes in educational contexts.
  • Become familiar with up-to-date research in evidence-based mentoring and its recent developments.
  • Understand how/why there is no consensual definition for mentoring and that each project needs to be defined when planned and designed.
  • Be able to distinguish between mentoring and other help-based relationships (training, tutoring, coaching, counselling).
  • Critically analyse national concepts and projects comparing them to others at an international level.
  • Be able to start planning your own mentoring project ideas (either student-student, teacher-students, teacher-teacher, other) with the idea of improving relationships school and leading to improved academic success.
  • Develop interpersonal and other “soft” skills — especially as presented in the “Perfil dos Alunos à Saída da Escolaridade Obrigatória”.
  • Understand and be able to talk about ethical considerations — especially as proposed by EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).
  • Develop 21st Century Skills and personal development of both mentors and mentees.

Important note:

— over the 7 weeks there are 4 discussion forums, some of the discussion may take place over the weekend.

— although there is a lot of extra content made available, the asynchronous work has been designed to take a maximum of two hours each week. Any more than this is your own option and you are very welcome to do extra.

If you have doubts or questions about the requirements, you can email me:

* Releva na dimensão científica e pedagógica para efeitos de progressão em carreira dos Professores dos grupos de recrutamento mencionados (artigo 9º do Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua).

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