APPI Webinars

APPI / APPInep Webinar ‘Structuring fun for primary learners online.’ | Chris Roland | 12 June 2020

“Avaliação de Inglês no 1º CEB / Assessment in 1º CEB” | Dra. Sandie Mourão | 18 February 2016           Abstract

“PET: Making exam practice fun!” | Dra. Lucy Bravo | 17 March 2015

“Aprender e ensinar Inglês na era digital” | Dr. José Moura Carvalho | 10 December 2014

“O Portefólio Europeu de Línguas no 1º CEB: práticas pedagógicas para o sucesso” | Dra. Sónia Ferreirinha | 9 October 2014



These webinars are part of a collaboration between  APPI and Cambridge English in preparation for the 31st APPI Conference 2017 ‘EFL Assessment: work in progress’

“Understanding assessment – what every teacher should know” – January 18th

“Understanding writing assessment – what every teacher should know” – February 21st

“Understanding speaking assessment: what every teacher should know” – March 21st

“Assessing reading comprehension: what every teacher should know” – March 9th

“Understanding listening assessment: what every teacher should know” – April 20


DGE Webinars



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YL & VYL Online Conference

Celebrating 20 Years of APPInep! |
'EFL in Primary Education' |
Registration is now open!
28/11/2020 to 05/12/2020
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TESOL-Spain Webinars

2nd session of 'Exploring visual resources'
28/11/2020 10:00

Young Learners enhanced results reporting and Christmas fun!

9.30 or 17.00
02/12/2020 09:30 -18:00
Cambridge Assessment English Webinars

La Asociación Enseñanza Bilingüe - 'Hands on CLIL'

Sesión de Desarrollo Profesional;
Título: ‘Betting for CLIL in the new normality classroom’
03/12/2020 17:00

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Education First | English Proficiency Index: 2020 Edition

The world's largest ranking of countries and regions by English skills
PORTUGAL#7 of 100 countries/regions
27/11/2020 APPI

Concurso 'Once Upon a Time'

12ª Edição - 2020-2021
Inscrições abertas!
Candidatura online até 31 de janeiro de 2021
15/11/2020 APPI

YL & VYL Online Conference

November 28 & December 5, 2020
APPI Zoom Platform
Programme: now available!
02/11/2020 APPI