The APPI eJournal - 8th Edition

Posted in Notícias on Oct 06, 2021.

Dear colleague,

Maybe you have never thought about writing something to share in the APPI eJournal, or maybe you’ve thought about it but you are not quite sure what and how you can contribute.

Well, maybe you did an activity that worked in class and could be useful for other teachers to try out or adapt. Maybe you did a course and learned something new and you could share it! Maybe your school has a project you’d like to share or a problem you resolved! Maybe your students did something outstanding, or even just normal, but would inspire other teachers. 

Whatever you would like to share, the APPI eJournal is an opportunity to be a contributing part of the English teaching community.

Our audience is mainly made up of teachers of 7th – 12th grade (The APPInep eNewsletter is focussed on teachers of younger students).

The deadline is 1st November 2021.

These are the guidelines for your piece. 

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you:


Judite Fiúza

Neil Mason

The APPI eJournal Editorial Committee


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The APPI eJournal - 8th Edition

Call for Contributors
Deadline: 1st November 2021
06/10/2021 APPI