Project Work in the Secondary Classroom

Published in International, Webinar on Nov 08, 2021

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    British Council, Lisbon, Portugal

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    Tashya Mitchell

- BC | TeachingEnglish Free Webinar – 

"About the webinar:

Are you looking for a way to keep your secondary students interested and motivated in class? In this session, we will examine how a project-based approach can increase student engagement and promote collaborative learning as well as provide a setting in which students practise their language skills in an authentic way, with genuine reasons for communication. We will also define the characteristics of a ‘good’ project that accomplishes this and see how it can be staged step-by-step, by analysing a project I did with a secondary class. By the end of the session, participants will have a framework for setting up their own projects and appreciate the benefits of including project work in class despite the challenges it may pose.

About the speaker:

Tashya started out with a BSc in Economics and Management, working in the finance sector, but quickly realized that it was not a good fit. She took on a temporary part-time job teaching English, and what started out as a stopgap measure, turned into a lifelong vocation. She’s worked for British Council for over 15 years now and taught a range of nationalities and age-groups. Her wide experience includes teaching general and business English courses to adults, and also primary, secondary and early year students. She is passionate about promoting literacy and creating a student-centred classroom that fosters learner-autonomy. She has worked as an examiner for several widely recognized exams testing proficiency in English and has mentored newly qualified English teachers. She’s a firm believer in the importance of continuous professional development and the value of reflecting on your own teaching and sharing experiences with colleagues."


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