Policy Impact in Program Sustainability – A Saudi Perspective

Published in International, Webinar on Mar 15, 2021

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    EAQUALS Webinars

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    Patrick Boylan

“This webinar focuses on the impact and import of policy in the development and sustainability of English language programs in higher education institutions within Saudi Arabia. It looks primarily at external policies from local, regional and global bodies. The talk will focus specifically on gender policies, social development policies, monetary and investment policies, and sustainable development policies. Saudi Arabia offers a unique opportunity to explore the role of policies in higher education given the significant changes it has seen in the past two decades and its role as a global and regional partner and leader. It is hoped that at the end of the webinar attendees will have a greater understanding of how policy and the change it has brought within Saudi Arabia may offer insight into their own context and help improve the quality of care and services they provide.”

Registration: https://www.eaquals.org/eaquals-events/event/patrick-boylan-policy-impact-in-program-sustainability-a-saudi-perspective/

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