Making distance learning fun, engaging and interactive

Published in International, Webinar on Feb 03, 2021

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    IATEFL Free Webinar

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    Maani Kama

“With the continuing changes in school and learner needs, most teachers/tutors have had to adapt and implement remote learning strategies. While distance learning isn’t a perfect substitute for in-class instructional interaction, there are lots of ways to keep learners engaged while learning from home. Depending on the language learning techniques, lesson plans and the EdTech you are using and their features; you can create a whole new way of teaching that is guaranteed to make lessons more objective, more interactive and even fun for you and your learners.

In this webinar we will:

Provide practical ways to keep learners motivated and interactive while learning; highlight some online learning strategies for classrooms and schools; provide you with tips and best practices for making eLearning content come alive using visuals, images, games and animations; show you how to use language learning apps to spice up your language learning classes; demonstrate how to keep learners on task, help them complete guided questions or worksheets and submit their answers as an assignment or project.

Maani Kamal is a Teacher and Teacher Trainer with experience working with students in Grades 1-12, specializing in English language teaching, and teaching computing with ICT. She is experienced in technology-enhanced learning, EdTech specifically in designing and developing eLearning courses, presentation tools such as iTools and interactive whiteboard software; educational applications, teaching aids, lesson simulations, educational games and interactive activities; game-based lessons and gamification.

She worked as a MOOC courses designer/developer for Saudi Arabia colleges and universities; creating and editing educational materials, lesson planners, projects, assignments, communicative activities and games. She also volunteers and has worked with non-profit associations giving presentations, free workshops and teacher training courses as well as creating programmes for ELT conferences, schools competitions, outdoor activities, talent shows, school projects and events; and as a learning technologies consultant.”


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