Understanding listening assessment: what every teacher should know

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This fifth webinar is part of a collaboration between  APPI and Cambridge English in preparation for the 31st APPI Conference ‘EFL Assessment: work in progress’.


“Understanding listening assessment: what every teacher should know”

Summary: Listening is the least researched language skill and perhaps the most difficult to teach. What makes a skilled listener? How does listening differ from reading? How does accent impact listening?  

These are some of the questions teachers face in their daily jobs. This webinar will address those (and other) questions and focus on various aspects of assessing listening such as cognitive and contextual factors affecting listening, variety of accents, linguistic resources and text and task purpose.

Presenters: Luísa Geão and George Heritage

Date: 20th April (19:00 pm in Portugal)

Registration required: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/34989/014ff265fb