27-28th January

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APPI Carregal do Sal Seminar ‘Powerful Classrooms’

27th-28th January 2017| Escola Secundária de Carregal do Sal, Carregal do Sal, Portugal


Video of the Seminar 

On ‘Powerful Classrooms’

“Great lessons start with an engaging launch that grabs learners’ interest and pull them in.

Powerful classrooms grow talents, mindsets, skills, knowledge, relationships. They make learners believe ‘I can, we can, you can.’ Open hearts, minds, eyes, ears, dialogue.

It’s of critical importance that all learners work in partnership with each other and their teachers.

The topic ‘Powerful Classrooms’ is not focused simply on the teacher, but on the learners and the learning environment. It’s on how the teacher gets the classroom to work – for all learners – that matters.”

In Sonoma Leadership Network – adapted.

The seminar has been accredited by the CCPFC – 0,5 credit.
Confirmed speakers:

Alexandra Duarte, Carol Crombie, Cláudia Correia, Elsa Escobar, Fátima Castro, Fátima Silva, Idália Luz, Lucy Bravo, Luísa Sousa, Marisa Rocha, Miguel Dias, Neil Mason, Rita Zurrapa, Susana Branco, Teresa Verdade, Vanessa Esteves, Walter Best.


The APPI Board is happy to announce that Fundação Lapa do Lobo, Nelas is sponsoring lunch on 28th January (Saturday). Those seminar participants, who wish to have lunch, please let APPI know about till January 24th

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