The APPI eJournal


The APPI eJournal, digitally launched in 2018, is the follower of the APPI Journal, which began to be published in 2001 and stopped in 2017.

Published twice a year – the Spring issue and the Autumn issue – and provided free of charge to members, The APPI eJournal is a magazine focused on a diversity of English language teaching (ELT) matters of interest to classroom teachers and English as a foreign language (EFL) professionals at large. It consists of an editorial and feature articles on sundry aspects of language teaching and learning written by both Portuguese and international teachers and professors.

APPI is happy to release publicly the

APPI eJournal – Spring issue 2018

APPI eJournal  – Autumn issue 2018

APPI eJournal – Spring issue 2019

APPI eJournal – Autumn issue 2019now available!


Call for Contributions:

DEADLINE: 20th September 2020

If you wish to submit articles for possible publication, please follow these Guidelines for Contributors 2020!

The APPI eJournal‘s target audience is made up of 3rd cycle and secondary school teachers. Practical texts will be privileged, focusing, preferably, on practical classes (ideas for classroom activities, projects…).

Articles that introduce innovative ideas and new methodologies that help teachers to reflect on their practices and eventually adopt alternative approaches to teaching and learning English are also welcome.

Thank you.

Anna Pires
Judite Fiúza
Neil Mason