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– Photos:

Click here to download all 29th Conference photos onto your pc (3,48GB)

– Plenaries:

CAROL READ – Reflections on how to be a highly effective teacher
CHAZ PUGLIESE – Teaching with Miles Davis: Doing (and achieving) more
ETC – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Whatsit
HANNA KRYSWESKA – 21st century skills: Are we ready to implement?
JIM SCRIVENER – Upgrade! Demand High to bring a grammar lesson alive
RUSSELL STANNARD – Technologies that really impact on teaching & learning
ANA XAVIER, EULÁLIA DUARTE, ISABEL BRITES, SANDIE  MOURÃO  – O Inglês no currículo do 1º Ciclo_Part 1      Debate_ Part 2
KATHLEEN GRAVES – Creativity: An essential resource for the 21st century
NICKY HOCKLY – Going mobile: Mobile literacy and the 21st century
PROFEMPALCO – Profs em palco

– Further materials:

Russell Stannard

Nic Hurst – Reading Skills in the 21st century. What reading was, is and should be in the ELT classroom.

APPI 29th conference video