31st APPI Conference

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31st APPI Conference | ISCTE- IUL, Lisbon| 28-30 April 

Recorded Live Streaming Plenaries:

28th April

– 10h00-10h30» Opening Session

– 10h30-11h30» Opening Plenary: Barry O’Sullivan – ‘What do Language Teachers know about Assessment’

– 14h00-15h00» Plenary: Leslie Opp-Beckman – ‘Data-Driven Decision Making: Who’s in the Driver’s seat?’

29th April:

– 09h00-10h00» Plenary: Jill Hadfield  ‘Successful Interaction Online’

30th April:

– 09h00-10h00» Plenary: Lucy Bravo ‘How are you…REALLY?’

– 17h40-18h40» Closing Plenary: Jamie Keddie ‘What’s the point?’