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Halloween’s teaching resources

Coloring Pages

First-Schools Hallowe’en Activities  (Pre-School and Kindergarten Activities)

Free Halloween Worksheets (214 worksheets and excellent articles available on this spooky holiday! – Filter by Level)

Giant list of free Hallowen Teaching Links and Resources    (Quizzes, songs, games, mobile learning, worksheets, lesson plans, activities, resources, links, literature, short stories, film clips, videos, film trailers, flash mob videos, SEN activities – All levels)

Halloween (Literacy, Maths, Science ideas for Halloween; invitations, recipes, magnet pages, Bingo markers, sign language)

Halloween Crafts and Children’s Activities (colouring pages, recipes, printables, worksheets, poems and songs, Hallowe’en sites, games and puzzles, costumes for kids, pumpkin carving patterns, craft projects)

Halloween Resources – A range of worksheets, lesson plans and interactive materials to help your students learn all about Halloween.

Many Halloween activities

Ten Halloween Songs  (narrative poems)