– SIETAR Europa Webinars – ‘Stories That Work: Cross-Cultural Mediation’ | Ilyll Sne-Or | Aug 12 2020, 05:00pm

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Date(s) - 12/08/2020
17:00 - 18:00

– SIETAR Europa Webinars –

‘Stories That Work: Cross-Cultural Mediation’ | Ilyll Sne-Or | Aug 12 2020, 05:00pm

“Every conflict consists of a narrative and each person involved in conflict owns a narrative. Conflict is not only a clash of cultures but also a discordance of narratives. Professionals aiming to lead mediation processes ought to have the skills to work with narratives. When managing narratives, you primarily focus on how to listen and recognize the dominant cultural attitudes to basic human values such as trust, time, power, gender and more. Then, you touch upon the meaning it gives the narrative holder. Finally, you will encounter manners of reconstructing a shared narrative for both parties involved in the conflict. Mediating Cross-Culturally requires acknowledging the power of stories, the ability to recreate a new shared story as a tool to sustainable cultural mediation.

Ilyll Sne-Or is a Cross-Culturalist, Mediator, Urbanist, Entrepreneur and Writer. She is deeply fascinated by the ways in which cultures lead people to think certain thoughts, feel certain feelings and express them in their actions. For over a decade she has been leading, training and guiding diverse individuals and groups in Cross-Cultural fields in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Arabic. She has lived and worked in the United States, France, Spain and Argentina while bridging cultures, researching them and initiating and leading entrepreneurial projects. Influenced by the Tel-Avivian start-up eco system, she has founded Encounters which is an innovative and exciting business that allows her to celebrate Cross-Culturalism in Tours and Workshops. Ilyll holds a MA in Mediation & Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University.”

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