NILE Winter Webinars ‘Video and Storytelling’| Jamie Keddie

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Date(s) - 25/11/2015
16:00 - 17:00

‘Video and Storytelling’| Jamie Keddie

25th November | 4pm-5pm (GMT time)

“Ever since YouTube was launched in 2005, I have been fascinated by the stories that come out of video-sharing culture. As a teacher, these are the stories that I like to use in the classroom. In this webinar, I will share some interactive video-story activities and demonstrate how we can use them to get students listening, thinking and speaking.”

Jamie Keddie is a teacher trainer, writer and the founder of His areas of interest include the use of visual materials, storytelling and video technologies in the classroom. His publications include ‘Images’ (OUP 2009), ‘Bringing online video into the classroom’ (OUP 2014) and ‘Videotelling’ (2016). Jamie is an Associate Trainer at NILE.

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