Iatefl Webinars ‘Future directions in ELT : where are we headed?’ | June 15, 2019 3:00:00 PM BST – 4:00:00 PM BST

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Date(s) - 15/06/2019
15:00 - 16:00

‘Future directions in ELT : where are we headed?’

‘The final plenary at the 2019 IATEFL annual conference in April was a panel discussion focusing on future directions in English language teaching. This webinar is a follow up session and will provide another opportunity for the speakers to address some of the questions raised during the session and online, and to keep the debate going.

For those who were unable to attend in person or online, the recording to the plenary can be viewed via https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/future-directions-elt-where-are-we-headed. Whilst you may wish to view the recording before this webinar, it is not essential.

Come along, share your own thoughts and predictions, as well as pose questions to the panel, and let’s find out where we are all headed!’


About the speakers:

K Bilsborough, E Frendo, M Viola, A Padwad

Katherine Bilsborough is an ELT author. She is interested in principles for ELT writers. She’ll be sharing her predictions about the future of ELT materials and how we can ensure writers create materials that meet the needs and interests of future generations.

Amol Padwad is the Director, Centre for English Language Education at Ambedkar University Delhi and Secretary of the Ainet Association of English Teachers. Amol will be looking at the changing role of the teacher.

Evan Frendo has worked in corporate language training for the last twenty-five years. He will be looking at how English might be used in the future workplace, and what this might mean for learners and teachers.

Mercedes Viola has an MA in TESOL, specialized in curriculum development, assessment, inclusive education and communication skills. She is an international and TED speaker and will be looking at the attitudes and learning habits of next generation learners.

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