Free Webinar ‘Why do some students not respond to intervention?’ | Dr. Martha Burns

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Date(s) - 27/02/2017
21:00 - 21:45

Free Webinar

Presenter: Dr Martha Burns

Time Date: Monday 27th February, 2017,

Time: 9pm London time

Lenght:  45 Minutes


Why do some students not respond to intervention?

  • Join us for a fast-moving, idea packed session by Dr. Martha Burns
  • Intervention is a complex task considering the nature of learning and development and the growing diversity of problems and issues facing school-aged youth.  

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  • Teachers wonder: “I’m doing everything right. I’m working so hard. Why aren’t they learning?” For students receiving interventions who are not making progress, there’s a new way to move forward
  • Join us for 45 minutes to hear from Dr. Marty Burns about how to use neuroscience-designed approaches to help your students make real improvements – and stay out of special education.
  • Dr. Burns will discuss how to “wire” the brain for reading and show how the NEW Fast ForWord for primary AND secondary students now includes speech verification technology that “listens” to students and helps them decode as they read aloud – rapidly building reading fluency and comprehension. Get to the root causes of why some interventions are not  working. Join us to learn how!