Delta Publishing free Webinars ‘Bloggers: Connecting learners with the world around them’ | 13th May, 3 pm | Laura Broadbent

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Date(s) - 13/05/2020
15:00 - 16:00

– Delta Publishing free Webinars –

Bloggers: Connecting learners with the world around them | 13th May, 3 pm


“In this webinar, we will look at what makes Bloggers unique, how the content is presented by teens to teens and the use of interactive methods to engage teachers and learners. I will give details and examples of how the course prepares learners to be 21st century citizens through the five Cs: communication, cultural awareness, co-operation, critical thinking and creativity. Finally, I will explain how the course harnesses student’s own experiences and ideas to activate knowledge and create an authentic and fun learning experience. We will round off with a short Q&A session.

Speaker: Laura Broadbent