Lessons Learned from Online Teaching - An Institutional Perspective

Published in Webinar on Nov 19, 2020

  • Event Date

    09/12/2020 to 09/11/2020

  • Event Time

    All day

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  • Event Speaker

    Chris Farrel

Lessons Learned from Online Teaching – An Institutional Perspective

Sessions: 13:00 Portugal Time OR 21:00 Portugal Time


"2020 has seen an extraordinary amount of institutions and teachers pivot from purely face-to-face lessons to wholly online contexts, very often with minimal time and training. This session will look at the effects of this pivot, as well as some of the key lessons that can be garnered from it. We will focus in detail on what we have learned, not only as teachers or as institutions, but in general as a sector. We will also reflect upon the role of the teacher in the online context and the implications this might have for the future of teacher education."

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