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The Mindful EFL SIG was created this year, in 2022, by the APPI members: Anna Pires, José Moura Carvalho and Tânia Castilho. According to its members: “The first objective of this Special Interest Group is to assist our associates in either beginning or maintaining a regular mindfulness practice. We hope you will be able to raise your moment-to-moment awareness.

However, being teachers, we want to pass on to our students what we have learned and know that can be useful to them, not only as teenagers but in their future life. This means fostering mindfulness practice in the classroom but also using the mindfulness activities you share with your students to enhance and add to their English language proficiency.

So, the second objective of this SIG is to show you ways of going beyond mindfulness to that place where the English language lies, awaiting to be eagerly learned.

Hence the name of the SIG: Mindful EFL. May more mindful EFL teachers help bring up more mindful, focused, emotionally savvy students and, in the process, broaden and deepen their English language skills.”

Mindful EFL Day Recordings:

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Mindful EFL Day | 2nd edition - Recordings:

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Mindful EFL eNewsletter - January 2023

Mindful EFL eNewsletter - September 2022

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