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Bringing the ‘Aprendizagens Essenciais’ into the classroom
Blending ‘AE’ and ‘The Perfil do Aluno’
Creating Language Learning Opportunities
8 Fevereiro (9.15 – 17.00) | Escola Secundária Campos Melo (R. Vasco da Gama, nº 40 – 6201-016), Covilhã

In view of the introduction of the new ‘Aprendizagens Essenciais’ (AE – Essential Learnings) in education APPI was and has been engaged in, namely the write-up of the ‘Aprendizagens Essenciais de Inglês’, APPI has complied with the intention of the Directorate-General for Education (DGE) some school clusters and a number of teachers of English to hold a series of 3 short-duration seminars focused on how to put AE into practice in our classrooms, with a special reference to sharing good practices in classroom to that effect.

The Seminar to be held in Covilhã, at the Escola Secundária Campos Melo, on February 8th, is but the first of these seminars, also to happen in Santiago do Cacém – next May – and Matosinhos – next September.

Ação de Formação de Curta Duração (ACD)

Ação Gratuita para Sócios e Não Sócios.