29th APPI Conference…

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VENUE : Lisboa | ISCTE  30 April  1 – 2 May 2015

REGISTRATIONS:  ONLY AVAILABLE  at the conference venue
PROGRAMME available!   Changes & Cancellations


How to get to ICSTE
Conference Registration Fees
Accommodation suggestions
Food & Beverages suggestions


The first 100 members have benefited from a 50% discount as they made an early bird registration by courtesy of PEARSON. Please note: this discount is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!            

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Por Despacho de 30/03/2015, Ofício nº 897/2015, do Sr. Secretário de Estado do Ensino e da Administração Escolar, Dr. João Casanova de Almeida, é autorizada a dispensa aos docentes que desejem participar no 29º Congresso Anual APPI.

– The Conference has been accredited by CCPFC with 1 u.c.