26th September 2018

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26 September is the European Day of Languages, intended to promote linguistic diversity. This year’s celebrations are linked to the European Year of Cultural Heritage – since languages are the living heritage of Europe.


Statement from Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland

“The Commission’s DG Translation’s (DGT) language officers in the Member States are running a series of events throughout the EU in September and October. Organised in cooperation with DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture and DG Communication, these include:

  • cross-border Skype projects,
    • online quizzes,
    • radio contests,
    • multilingual scrabble tournaments,
    • book exhibitions,
    • multilingual book readings,
    • public festivals,
    • interactive workshops,
    • concerts,
    • games,
    • mini language courses and
    • talks.

Join in via social media

On 2 September, exactly 24 days before the European Day of Languages, DGT launched a social media campaign. Each day, one of the quotations selected for this year’s European Day of Languages poster – different for each language – will be posted on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts of DGT and DG Interpretation (SCIC). There’ll also be a short video of a DGT or SCIC colleague saying it in their own language.

Join in by responding with a comment or publishing a post or tweet – use the official hashtag #EDLangs

More info

Council of Europe page on the European Day of Languages

Best wishes from Brussels!

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