1st APPI Poetry Competition – Results

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1st APPI Poetry Competition

APPI had the great honour to host its very first poetry competition at the 31st Conference this year. We are extremely grateful to our very generous sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for providing the cash prizes.

All conference delegates were invited to submit an original poem written in English, which also contained a word or phrase in Portuguese, based on the theme “Out of the Box”, which candidates could interpret loosely. A team of APPI judges shortlisted the top poems, which were then sent to Scottish poet laureate Ron Butlin, who made the final decision.

The winners were announced at the General Assembly Meeting, on 29th April – with first prize being awarded to Isabel Nolasco (Member no. B 954) for her poem “Alienation”, winning a cash prize of €50. We had two runners up, each winning €25 – Filomena Alijaj (Member no. B 2861) for her poem “Search for thunderbolts, not boxes”, and Isabel Silva (Member no. B 1058) with the poem “Outside the Box”. We’d like to congratulate our prize winners, who will also be receiving a little surprise from Fitch O’Connell, as well as all our candidates for taking part in this competition.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to our anonymous sponsor for getting the creative juices flowing at APPI Conference this year. Please join us next year for the second edition of the APPI Poetry Competition!

The organising Committee


First prize


“Alienation” by Isabel Nolasco (Member no. B 954)

Sunrise, gush of light;

morning dew;

birds twittering, water dripping, sky so blue!


Inner plunge, empowered soul –

mysteries seen through.

Book reading. Poem chiseling long overdue.


Togetherness – lending an ear;

humane overview;

phone talking, line dropping from me to you.


Nourished spirit, eager body still…

Sopa da pedra, sardines to grill;

Porto wine, whisky on the rocks.

Sheer alienation?

Life outside the (TV) box!




“Search for thunderbolts, not boxes” by Filomena Alijaj (Member no. B 2861)

Thunderbolts are needed, as needed as reactions!

People act like missing socks,

They shy away from sparks,

They merge into greyish fumes.

Stainless steel boxes take over

Shaping them like safe houses,

As they become fake spotless mirrors.

Thunderbolts are needed, as needed as dandelions!

People cling into prosthetic bliss,

They accommodate inside boxes,

“As caixas” as we call them…

Oh Thunderbolts are needed, as needed as firefly hearts!

People get out of their labelled packages

And enjoy a fearless sunrise.


“Outside the Box” by Isabel Silva (Member no. B 1058)

The colours of the rainbow left for a day

Packed their things and found their way.

Deciding upon each one’s mission

Set out for a unique expedition.

Green empowered victims of greed

Orange enlightened the suspicious indeed.

The yellowish rays painted people’s faces

Helping the bluish spreading countless graces.

Indigo moaned SAUDADE reaching for the unknown

Violet tailored kids’ emotions as well as my own.

Red hopped merrily and shouted to be heard

Messages of hope scattered throughout the Earth.