19th January, PORTO | 2019

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APPI Storytelling Day Meeting

Venue: Escola Secundária Fontes Pereira de Melo – Rua O Primeiro de Janeiro, 366 (à Av. da Boavista) 4100-366 PORTO, PORTUGAL (GPS)

Date: January 19 (Saturday, 9.00-18.50)

O encontro de formação “APPI Storytelling Day” é reconhecido pelo Centro de Formação APPIforma como sendo uma Ação de Formação de Curta Duração, com a duração de 6 (seis) horas, que releva para os efeitos previstos no Estatuto da Carreira dos Educadores de Infância e dos Professores dos Ensinos Básico e Secundário.

The APPI Executive Board is most grateful to the school Executive Board for hosting this one-day meeting. 

Quoting Andrew Wright on STORIES and how central they are to being human: “There is a common notion that ‘stories are for children’. This is laughable nonsense if it is implied they are ‘only’ for children. Societies and all parts of societies are guided in their aims and in their daily decision making by their ‘stories’… these ‘story maps’ are called ‘narratives’ by observers. This fundamental look at stories is not dry but, I believe, rich in its vision for the huge number of roles for stories in language teaching.”